Another important test for Tua and Dolphins

Chapter Two of Tua – has a nice ring to do it — as the team’s starting quarterback should provide us with another important measuring stick. For Tua as well as the Dolphins. This is not the old Arizona Cardinals the Dolphins will be facing late Sunday afternoon in Glendale, Ariz. This is a talentedContinue reading “Another important test for Tua and Dolphins”


Why the move to start Tua makes perfect sense

Why now? I say: why not now? There are many who greeted the news that Tua Tagovailoa will be the Dolphins starting quarterback moving forward with a look of genuine surprise. After all, Ryan Fitzpatrick had led this team to a 3-3 record and had played very well. But this decision was not about Fitzpatrick.Continue reading “Why the move to start Tua makes perfect sense”

A very sweet victory and a Tua sighting – what a day!

This was what we wanted to see. Complete domination. The Dolphins beating the Jets upside down, winning in about every possible area, and in the process further validating the undeniable truth after a 3-3 start: This team is growing up in a hurry. The 24-0 victory over the Jets was sweet on so many fronts,Continue reading “A very sweet victory and a Tua sighting – what a day!”

Could Tua provide the spark this team needs?

You can’t settle for field goals instead of touchdowns, even a handful of field goals. You can’t give up a 75-yard drive in 21 seconds at the end of the first half against a team as elite as Seattle. You can’t play well some of the time and expect any more than a 1-3 recordContinue reading “Could Tua provide the spark this team needs?”