Tua shows us how special he can be in victory over Cardinals

What’s the bigger story? Tua raising his game or the Dolphins raising their record to 5-3. It’s got to be Tua because of what it means in the big, and now so much rosier, picture. But don’t undervalue this 34-31 victory over Arizona and how the Dolphins pulled it off.  This was impressive stuff onContinue reading “Tua shows us how special he can be in victory over Cardinals”


Another important test for Tua and Dolphins

Chapter Two of Tua – has a nice ring to do it — as the team’s starting quarterback should provide us with another important measuring stick. For Tua as well as the Dolphins. This is not the old Arizona Cardinals the Dolphins will be facing late Sunday afternoon in Glendale, Ariz. This is a talentedContinue reading “Another important test for Tua and Dolphins”

Why the move to start Tua makes perfect sense

Why now? I say: why not now? There are many who greeted the news that Tua Tagovailoa will be the Dolphins starting quarterback moving forward with a look of genuine surprise. After all, Ryan Fitzpatrick had led this team to a 3-3 record and had played very well. But this decision was not about Fitzpatrick.Continue reading “Why the move to start Tua makes perfect sense”

A very sweet victory and a Tua sighting – what a day!

This was what we wanted to see. Complete domination. The Dolphins beating the Jets upside down, winning in about every possible area, and in the process further validating the undeniable truth after a 3-3 start: This team is growing up in a hurry. The 24-0 victory over the Jets was sweet on so many fronts,Continue reading “A very sweet victory and a Tua sighting – what a day!”

This is the blueprint we’re looking for from Dolphins

Can they bottle this? That’s what I want to know after watching the Dolphins tear apart the San Francisco 49ers in almost every way imaginable. The final score was 43-17 and the bottom line is that this is the best overall game I’ve seen the Dolphins play, maybe in years. This is the team IContinue reading “This is the blueprint we’re looking for from Dolphins”

Could Tua provide the spark this team needs?

You can’t settle for field goals instead of touchdowns, even a handful of field goals. You can’t give up a 75-yard drive in 21 seconds at the end of the first half against a team as elite as Seattle. You can’t play well some of the time and expect any more than a 1-3 recordContinue reading “Could Tua provide the spark this team needs?”

Dolphins need to reach another level against Seahawks

We’re about to find out a lot more about the Miami Dolphins. A whole lot more. The opponent Sunday at Hard Rock Stadium is the Seattle Seahawks, one of the elite teams in the league with a quarterback in Russell Wilson who has put together some staggering numbers through three games. Other than a WeekContinue reading “Dolphins need to reach another level against Seahawks”

Dolphins provide nice evidence of upside

Talk of Tua can stop again at least for a little while. The Dolphins proved Thursday night they have a more than capable veteran quarterback leading this team, certainly until Tua’s moment arrives. Ryan Fitzpatrick, as he reminded us against the Jaguars, can still be awfully good. Even at 37 going on 38. Fitzpatrick threwContinue reading “Dolphins provide nice evidence of upside”

Five takeaways from an 0-2 start

• Give the Dolphins credit for making a game of it against the Bills. But when you can’t score from the 1-yard line in a crucial situation and your defense gives up two touchdowns after the offense did its part in the fourth quarter, well, that’s how you become 0-2. • There are issues onContinue reading “Five takeaways from an 0-2 start”