Defense and kicking game making the difference

The Dolphins did what they were supposed to do on Sunday. They handled the Jets. Didn’t give up a touchdown. Cruised to a 20-3 victory. That’s what happens when 6-4 faces 0-10. It wasn’t overwhelming. It was more businesslike. Now having said all of that: How sweet is it to outscore the Jets 44-3 inContinue reading “Defense and kicking game making the difference”


Got to believe Tua will bounce back strong

As much as I would like to make this column all about the Jets and how downright awful they have been through 10 games, the events of last Sunday in Denver have clearly shifted the focus. Now, from my perspective, this Sunday’s game is more about the Dolphins than it is the Jets. It’s aboutContinue reading “Got to believe Tua will bounce back strong”

A tough day for Tua, a sobering day for the Dolphins

This was a harsh reality check anyway you look at it. As good as the Dolphins looked winning five in a row, we saw on Sunday the flipside. When the defense can’t stop the run. When Tua struggles. When the offensive line can’t protect him. This in a nutshell is what happened in Sunday’s 20-13Continue reading “A tough day for Tua, a sobering day for the Dolphins”

Dolphins in good place to handle success

I figured all along the Dolphins would be improved this season. But I truthfully never imagined they would reach this level so quickly, certainly not with so many new players trying to contribute without the luxury of a productive offseason. So, what a nice surprise it has been, seeing the Dolphins reel off five straightContinue reading “Dolphins in good place to handle success”

Put the re-build on hold – this team is awfully good

Well, look at them now. Five straight victories. A 6-3 record. A season now filled with enticing possibilities. Maybe we should put that rebuild on hold for a while; the Dolphins certainly have. This is no longer about the future, although isn’t it looking awfully bright right now? This is about the present, what thisContinue reading “Put the re-build on hold – this team is awfully good”

Can they make it five-in-a-row? Why not.

This week it’s Tua vs. Justin (Herbert). Last week it was Tua vs Kyler (Murray). The week before it was Tua’s First Start. Every week there is a Tua angle and, really, did you expect anything else considering the resume he showed up with and the franchise-turning hopes he has ignited. We knew coming inContinue reading “Can they make it five-in-a-row? Why not.”

Tua shows us how special he can be in victory over Cardinals

What’s the bigger story? Tua raising his game or the Dolphins raising their record to 5-3. It’s got to be Tua because of what it means in the big, and now so much rosier, picture. But don’t undervalue this 34-31 victory over Arizona and how the Dolphins pulled it off.  This was impressive stuff onContinue reading “Tua shows us how special he can be in victory over Cardinals”

Another important test for Tua and Dolphins

Chapter Two of Tua – has a nice ring to do it — as the team’s starting quarterback should provide us with another important measuring stick. For Tua as well as the Dolphins. This is not the old Arizona Cardinals the Dolphins will be facing late Sunday afternoon in Glendale, Ariz. This is a talentedContinue reading “Another important test for Tua and Dolphins”

Tua just had to manage, the defense did the rest

We’ll have to wait a little while longer for Tua Tagovailoa to hoist this Dolphins team on his shoulders and carry them to a victory. On Sunday against the Rams, his first start, all he had to do was manage. The defense and special teams did the rest in a 28-17 victory, the Dolphins’ thirdContinue reading “Tua just had to manage, the defense did the rest”

It’s time to unwrap the gift that is Tua

The wait is finally over. The most anticipated first start by a Dolphins quarterback since a kid named Marino bolted on to the scene some 37 seasons ago will unfold this Sunday at Hard Rock Stadium. About 13,000 fans will be in attendance. Twenty years from now, I’m guessing about 100,000 will claim they wereContinue reading “It’s time to unwrap the gift that is Tua”