Terrible way to end fun season

This was bad. This was unexpected. This was saving the worst for last, the Dolphins never really in it, losing to the Buffalo Bills in a manner few could have envisioned. This was realistically over early. And now, so is the season, the Dolphins becoming the odd team out in what was left of theContinue reading “Terrible way to end fun season”

Playoffs would be perfect capper to turnaround season

First, we’ll state what I believe is the obvious. This season is already a success for the Miami Dolphins. Grasp it. Savor it. Don’t deny it. The Dolphins are 10-5 heading into Sunday’s season-finale at Buffalo. Their rebuild is on fast forward, already surpassing the expectations of so many, and it is clear that manyContinue reading “Playoffs would be perfect capper to turnaround season”

An amazing head-turning victory – literally head-turning

The Miami Dolphins have had their share of remarkable finishes over the years. But nothing quite like this. Nothing that can compare to the events that unfolded late Saturday night in Las Vegas, the Dolphins somehow, someway leaving town with a 26-25 victory. And nothing, not even remotely, can compare to the play that realisticallyContinue reading “An amazing head-turning victory – literally head-turning”

Dolphins making this a merry Christmas

Let’s imagine for a minute a dozen things that would be neat to find under the Christmas tree if you’re a Miami Dolphins’ fan. • We’ll start with my favorite: Wrapped in a golden box near the front of the tree you’ll find the first and second round picks of the Houston Texans. Sorry, though,Continue reading “Dolphins making this a merry Christmas”

This Dolphins’ team just keeps finding a way

Add “resourceful” to the list of so many attributes that have helped propel the Dolphins to a 9-5 record with two games left. Look at  Sunday against the Patriots. The top four offensive threats were missing – DeVante Parker, Mike Gesicki, Jakeem Grant and Myles Gaskin. So what happens? The Dolphins rush for 250 yardsContinue reading “This Dolphins’ team just keeps finding a way”

It’s statement time for Dolphins against Patriots

What better way to underline the dawning of a new day in the AFC East than by eliminating the New England Patriots from playoff contention? I mean how many times over the years have the Patriots done that to the Dolphins? It’s time for a role reversal, don’t you think? With three games left, theContinue reading “It’s statement time for Dolphins against Patriots”

A gutsy effort underlined need for playmakers

How do you feel right now? The Dolphins come within six points of the defending Super Bowl champions. They forced four turnovers, sack Patrick Mahomes three times and get the type of performance out of Tua Tagovailoa that once again screams the future is oh so bright. That’s all very promising. But there’s a flipsideContinue reading “A gutsy effort underlined need for playmakers”

How do the Dolphins pull off the upset on Sunday?

I’ve tried to create a scenario where the Dolphins win Sunday’s game against the 11-1 Kansas City Chiefs. I’ve looked at the matchups and the tendencies and all the statistics and have come to the following conclusions: Things have to fall perfectly for the Dolphins to win this game. The Chiefs can’t be sharp, andContinue reading “How do the Dolphins pull off the upset on Sunday?”

This defense is becoming special; now it’s up to Tua

We’ll talk about Tua in a minute. But the story on Sunday in the 19-7 victory over the Bengals was undoubtedly the Dolphins defense. Just as it has been for most of this surprising 8-4 start. The defense dominated, playing as well as it has all season, holding the Bengals to minus yards in theContinue reading “This defense is becoming special; now it’s up to Tua”

Offense holds key to earning playoff spot

This was supposed to be the Burrow vs. Tua game, matching the two top quarterbacks taken in the 2020 NFL draft. But now Joe Burrow is out for the season with a knee injury and Tua Tagovailoa has been fighting through a thumb injury and hopes to play. None of that, though, changes the bottomContinue reading “Offense holds key to earning playoff spot”