Could Tua provide the spark this team needs?

You can’t settle for field goals instead of touchdowns, even a handful of field goals. You can’t give up a 75-yard drive in 21 seconds at the end of the first half against a team as elite as Seattle. You can’t play well some of the time and expect any more than a 1-3 record after four games.

That was the story of Sunday, an 8-point loss to the Seahawks, and that’s been the story in all three of the losses. The Dolphins have stayed close. Done some good things. Shown some progress.

But when it came time to win the game, it just wasn’t there, certainly not the way it should be.

This team has issues on both sides of the ball, evidenced once again by their performance against the Seahawks. But this team also has more talent than a season ago. Just look at the offensive line, the linebackers, the defensive backs, All clearly better.

What this team needs other than some patience is a spark.

Could very well be Tua Time.

Nothing against Ryan Fitzpatrick. There has never been a more likeable player wearing this team’s colors. The record is not on his shoulders. He in fact has played pretty well, except for the turnovers. He spills his guts for this game every Sunday and this entire organization is better off for it. Only wish he had come along 10 years earlier.

Given all of that, it still makes sense to move to Tua now or if not now certainly in the next few weeks. This offense needs a pick-me-up. Field goals just don’t cut it in this wide-open league. This offense needs some big plays, some electricity, somebody to be special.

Tua, as good a college quarterback as I’ve ever seen, has a chance to be just that: special.

It’s time we start finding out. Granted, there are things we don’t know. How has his surgically repaired hip held up to contact? How has he grasped this offensive system? Is he comfortable? Is his confidence level where it needs to be?

Only the coaches can answer most of these questions. But if the feeling within this organization is that he is close, then I say let’s get on with it.

We know he’s the future. It’s time to start seeing what that will look like.


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