Five things I want to see Sunday against the Bills:

1. I want to see the rushing defense play well and that means protect the edges, tackle with urgency and avoid letting quarterback Josh Allen break loose for chunk yardage runs. Bottom Line: Was the opener against the Patriots an aberration or a true indicator of a problem area? We’ll find out in a hurry.

2. I want to see a rushing attack that features one or two players instead of three or four, and a rushing attack that can string together some first downs, maybe even break a long one. The Dolphins traded a fifth-round pick to the 49ers for Matt Breida, as fast as any back in the league. It’s time to get him in the open field.

3. I want to see quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick bounce back from his three- interception game against the Patriots with the type of game he played so often last season, a couple of touchdown passes, a few first down scrambles and generally a performance void of any glaring mistakes. Until Tua is deemed ready, this offense will only go as far as Fitzpatrick can take it.

4.  I want to see veteran linebacker Kyle Van Noy take charge of this defense with big stops and some game-turning plays. This is why he was signed. This is what he has done in this league. This is the time for him to do it. There are others who need to step up on defense, but I believe it needs to start with Van Noy.

5. And finally, I want to see a victory. Doesn’t have to be a work of art and it certainly doesn’t have to be decisive. But this team needs something to help validate the path they are on and the team they are building. Nothing would shout validation more than a victory over the Bills.


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